Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pushups and Pullups

In the two days since I started this blog I've received some lovely encouragement and some great tips. A few of these tips from my friend Kendra have inspired further research and ultimately led me to decide to add a zilch-to-100 pushups program and a zilch-to-any pullups program to my immediate future plans.

I'll probably start the pushups program, based exclusive on the site linked above, in the next few days, as soon as I've done some more reading, considered and planned the regular days I'd do it (for me to do something 3 and only 3 days a week regularly, I either need to do it with someone else or have it be the same days of the week throughout, or I'm not likely to keep it up), and solidified my resolve. The last thing I want to do is declare a big bold plan geared for epic results and then fade out. Probably what I'll do is decide to begin the program with a 2-week trial period in the beginning, and if I make it through that and still like my chances of seeing it through I'll commit. I don't know if I need to do 100 pushups, of if I'll be able to reach 100 after only 6 weeks, but it would be nice to actively up my pushup game and get my ambitions of inverted pushups on the road. 

The zilch-to-any pullups program is a deal further from getting off the ground. It would be a composite program I assembled from what looks like about 5 different sources. I'd want to go through each source, draw up a reasonable-seeming program with regular progressions and projected time frames like the other zilch-to-whatever programs I've seen (I've done some of the couch-to-5k program, and now I'm familiar with the onehundredpushups plan). Only after all that would I get to figuring out where and how I'd do the pullup stuff, as it either requires a gym or a horizontal bar of the likes I don't yet have at home. Then I'd need to figure out which days of the week would be the days I'd commit to doing the program, and then solidify resolve and begin a trial period. So I'm thinking I'll perhaps start in the next few weeks. 

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